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17/01/2011 10:39 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Na Li (17 Gennaio)

Na Li

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Q. The first set was 6 1, the second 7 5, which you had to come from behind. What was the difference between the two sets?
NA LI: Second set little bit tough. Yeah, I mean, it's always tough because after Sydney was a little bit tired. I didn't have how you say many days to recover for the body.
Also, she's not play bad. I mean, we have the running a lot on the court in the second set. Yeah, was tough, but...

Q. And you'll recover in time for your next match, no doubt?
NA LI: Yeah, I can recover tomorrow. So I can have good massage today and we will see how is the body feeling on Wednesday.

Q. What did winning in Sydney do for your confidence?
NA LI: I mean, I just went to Sydney. I didn't think about too much, you know. I mean, tennis only black and white. If you think too much color, maybe you couldn't focus on the court.
Every match my team just tell me, Okay, just try your best tennis on the court; don't think about too much. So, yeah, I got.


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