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19/01/2011 11:13 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Justine Henin (19 Gennaio)

Justine Henin

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Q. Was that a better match for you today?
JUSTINE HENIN: Well, it was different match I would say. I think on Monday it was pretty good in terms of it's been a good fight and she put on me a lot of pressure. Today I was more in control during the whole match.
So it was completely different match. But I'm glad I did it in an hour after a pretty long match on Monday.

Q. Was your serve a key today?
JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I think I've been playing well when I had to and put the pressure I needed to put at the right time. I was feeling, yeah, confident in my service games. A little bit less, especially in the second set on the return.
But it's been good things. Should have been maybe a little more aggressive beginning of the second set, but generally it's been pretty good.

Q. You talked the other day about how your elbow needs a lot of time to warm up these days. Cold weather, first match, yet you started very well.
JUSTINE HENIN: It's the worst conditions actually, play first match and temperature. The weather doesn't help, that's for sure. So I wasn't, yeah, feeling at my best on this part today.
But I have to deal with it and get ready, be focused on your game, even if it's not easy. But I did a good job about that.

Q. You said you needed matches to get your rhythm. Did that game today provide that?
JUSTINE HENIN: Well, I need more matches. It's been one more match, and that's always good to have the opportunity to play more matches. Like I said, it's not only about Australian Open, it's not only about 2011, it's about a few years that I want to build, yeah, this second career.
I would say it was very hard last year. I hope this year I'll get the confidence step by step. Yeah, I've been working hard. I'm working hard. I do everything I can. So, yeah, I think I'm in the right direction. Even if I have to deal with a lot of things, a lot of things are pretty positive.

Q. You're No. 2 on the bidding to win the title. Are you a good bet?
JUSTINE HENIN: Well, it's good to know, but still a lot of things can happen (smiling).
Yeah, there are so many factors that we don't control all the time. So it's very, very early to talk about that.

Q. Do you feel like you're well placed in this tournament to win?
JUSTINE HENIN: No. I think, like I just said, it's too early to think about that. I just go step by step. I won my second match. I still have to deal physically with a lot of things. I don't want to look too far, just live day after day, enjoy my victory today, and get ready for the next one.

Q. Do you notice ranking and seeding next to your name or do you just play, a double figure ranking?
JUSTINE HENIN: Ranking, I never think about ranking actually. I know what I did in the past. Of course, I would like to improve and get better. But it's what's going to bring that is just the victories and different wins, winning matches. That's the only thing.
My focus right now is to take care of myself, be in the best conditions, and the ranking, it comes very far in my priorities. There are many things to do before thinking about that.

Q. Did you come to Australia with as many clothes as you've ever brought before? Do you think the weather will have any effect on the draw, matches in a colder climate?
JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, it's strange, I would say. I never saw that in Australia. Conditions are not easy for the players, that's for sure; for the fans either; for the organization, certainly.
So it's something we have to deal with and deal with. But I hope it's going to get better. It's a new experience in Australia, for sure.

Q. You play Kuznetsova in the third round. Your thoughts on that.
JUSTINE HENIN: Of course, it's a tough third round, Kuznetsova, even she has been a little more in trouble in the last maybe year or two years. I think she remains a great player, and physically she has a lot of qualities: big forehand, great serve.
So I know I'll have to be at my best to win that one.


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