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22/01/2011 05:53 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Jo Wilfried Tsonga (22 Gennaio)

Jo Wilfried Tsonga

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Q. How do you explain the five set loss?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: Because maybe he was better than me. That's it. He was better than me. He played a better match. He was more consistent maybe than me. That's why.

Q. What disappointed you about your game? Any particular thing?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, maybe I broke all the time in the first three sets I broke first, and after that he broke back. I didn't play really my game after that. That's why maybe I'm disappointed.

Q. You kept hitting your hip. Did that slow down your movement at the end of the match?

Q. What was your emotion as the match started to get away from you? How did you try and get back on top?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: You know, every day I try to get back on top. I was injured for long months. So I need, you know, some reason. Of course, it's not like this (snapping fingers). You don't do it like this (snapping fingers).
It's okay. You play well, you play your best level every time, and you are constant. No, it's not like this.
I try every day to play, to be better. But sometimes, you know, you have some problem to be really concentrate, and that's it. I think today I lose this match because I need maybe more matches, more competition, and that's it.

Q. So it became a fitness thing in the end? Is that what it was? It went to five, and that's why those last two sets were so hard?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, maybe fitness. But for me it's reasonable, you know. Because when you are used to play every day, you know, two, three hours, to play one match every day, every week, after that, you know, you get used to play a match like this.
But I'm not. So I need that. So maybe it's good. I will go out of this tournament. Yeah, I'm out of this tournament, so I can prepare the next tournament. Maybe in the season I will feel better and better every day.

Q. Looking ahead to tonight's game, young Bernard Tomic has a tough job against Rafael Nadal. What would you do if you were Bernard Tomic going against the No. 1?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: Just to play his game and take pleasure. It's not every day you play the No. 1 of the world. I think it's an opportunity for him to give everything and to show his face to the public.

Q. You said you were out of rhythm out there today. How do you actually feel like you're hitting the ball at the moment?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: I hit the ball well, but maybe I don't move enough well.

Q. How much did you know about your opponent going in, and what did you learn about him coming out of the match insofar as his game is concerned?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: You know, I played him one time already in Wimbledon, and it was tough also. So I learn it's a good player. Maybe next time I will try to be better. That's it.

Q. Is there anything about his game maybe that changed since you faced him at Wimbledon?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA: No, not really. I think today was just about me and not about this.


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