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24/01/2011 12:40 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Shuai Peng (24 Gennaio)

Agnieszka Radwanska b. SHUAI PENG 57 63 75

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Q. It was a very exciting and tough match. In the end you lost. Why do you think you lost?
SHUAI PENG: Bad luck (smiling).
After match, I was really sad. I think when the third set I was down 1 3, Love 40, I was come back from 5 3. I had two match points. I think at that time I really little bit tight, then also maybe little bit unlucky. I have one shot out, little bit drop on the line.
The tennis is like this. Like sometimes you down, you win. Sometimes you up, you lose.
But she's really good player, like for sure. I already try my best. And then from like couple round and a long time, I'm just like really, really tired. My energy is like really in the limit after. I was used all of them.
I think it's good like week and then good tournament. I think I have just to keep going, working hard and do what I do, yeah.

Q. This was your best performance at a Grand Slam. What have you learnt from it?
SHUAI PENG: I think, you know, like just really happy I can to win three round. You know, every time is the Grand Slam we play, it's like different than the tournament, you know. Maybe sometime like you couldn't play like what you have because you're pressure, nervous, you want to win.
So this time I think it's like maybe mentally and a lot like maybe experience. Yeah, just looking forward.

Q. What was the difference? You played Agnieszka at the US Open. What was the difference between the game you played there and here?
SHUAI PENG: I think today, you know, in the start, like my body just really tired. For this week I eat the whole week the Advil because I could not stop my back, the pain. I was really trying out there.
I think the time is my fitness maybe in the US Open. The time maybe is better today in my body. But I cannot complain for this. For everybody is the same. I think I just need to step by step keep going work. I also talk to my coach. I need not to do only for single, the fitness, I need to do singles and doubles the fitness. Maybe need to do some more and again my body get stronger, yeah.

Q. Did you ask for any advice how to play her?
SHUAI PENG: I play her. I know she's really smart. She's running really fast, the player. I think me and her is like two different player, yeah. Just today I think it's like when I have the match point, I have the chance, I just like really tight. Of course, I really want to win.
Maybe also is really good experience for me. Just have to learn it, yeah.


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