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25/01/2011 12:55 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Na Li (25 Gennaio)

NA LI b. Andrea Petkovic 62 64

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Q. Andrea said she thinks you can win the tournament; you're her selection. How do you feel? Can you go that extra step?
NA LI: I wish I can win the tournament. I mean, first obviously thanks for her. Maybe she's more confident. But if I need to win tournament, still have two step I need to do.
Always easy to say something.

Q. It was a very good match for you today.
NA LI: Yeah, I mean, I was play well in today. I mean, two days ago I want to see how she play against Maria. But, you know, Kuzy and Schiavone, they play amazing match. So on TV they didn't show any match for this match. So is tough. I only practice one time with her last year. So, of course, beginning of match was little bit nervous.

Q. Do you feel you're playing a lot better this year than last year?
NA LI: I think was the same. But right now feeling more happy on the court.

Q. In what way?
NA LI: More enjoy, because the team how you say more communication with the team. Right now, for the team, happy around in the team, yeah.

Q. Have you felt any pressure about defending your points from here last year?
NA LI: No. I mean, because I think, okay, if I lose first round, okay, because the season just start. You can have many chance, yeah.

Q. When you went home last year after the semifinals, there was a very good reception for you. What do you think it would be like if you made the final?
NA LI: You know, this time little bit different because I fly back to Hong Kong, not Beijing, yeah.

Q. Is your husband getting worried about the credit card, what you might do this year?
NA LI: You know, he's totally control (smiling). China bank, if you use the credit card, they will send text message, yeah, like where are you, when, and how much you're using also. If I use, he will for sure know. He will call, Where are you? I can use credit card, but he still totally control.

Q. You talked about when you took time off to go to university. When was that? How has that influenced the way you approach your tennis career?
NA LI: I was come university 2002 to 2004. There was two years I didn't play tennis because I was thinking about like I only have a lower ranking, always like around 120, and I never have a chance to play big tournament, always play challenge. So I feel like, okay, I should give up because I couldn't find the positive thing. So I come to university for two years. Also my husband with me. So we are in the same class.
So for two years I feel like I still like to come back to the court. This is my life. I couldn't just like no more people after university to find some job.
Yeah, after two years, I was feeling like, Okay, I'm grown up, I should stand up to try my best the way. So, yes, in 2004 I tried to come back.

Q. Do you feel that's made you approach your tennis career entirely different now?
NA LI: Yeah, because in the university, we have many friend, but nobody know I was tennis player. Really, yeah. I didn't even want to talk about I was tennis player something. So sometimes I was asked, How do you think about tennis? I mean, during the time, tennis is not so popular in China. So they think like, oh, okay, not so interesting.
After two years, I was tennis players, I should do something for tennis, of course.

Q. What were you studying to be?
NA LI: Media. Same like you (smiling).

Q. What university was that?
THE INTERPRETER: Central China University of Technology.
NA LI: In my home city.

Q. I believe your mother has never watched you play. What would it take to make her come watch you to play? Maybe if you make the final?
NA LI: I win the match already, and my family talk to her, She win already. Then she can start video. If I play the same time, she's never watch. Even you couldn't say, Li Na, she's playing now. After, she say, I need air, she was so nervous.
Yeah, I just got text message from uncle, my mom brother. He just sent me text message. Everyone just say, Good job. I say, Where is my mom? Oh, she's somewhere else. She didn't enjoy with us.

Q. We don't know your opponent in the semifinal yet. If it should be Caroline, how would you describe her? Can you take any confidence beating her last year?
NA LI: Yeah, I beat her last year, but doesn't mean anything for this year. Also she have to win today first.
Doesn't matter which one is the opponent, I know both is tough player. So, yeah, tough match next round. Another challenge. But right now just totally rest.

Q. What would it mean to you to win this tournament?
NA LI: Wow, amazing for me, amazing for my team. Maybe amazing for China tennis also.

Q. What does it take to beat Caroline?
NA LI: I mean, I never thinks about how the opponent play. I mean, you couldn't follow opponent on court. So you just play your tennis on the court. If you thinking too much, of course you mistake a lot. So tennis, you don't need to thinking too much, just focus.

Q. Will you watch the quarterfinal now or leave that for your husband and coach?
NA LI: Yeah, I think he will watch it. Like today he should stay here, not like two days ago we can watch it on TV. But they didn't show it. So, yeah, he need do something for me.


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