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28/01/2011 09:56 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Gisela Dulko e Flavia Pennetta (28 Gennaio)

Gisela Dulko e Flavia Pennetta

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Q. What did you tell yourself when you were a set and break down? How did you turn it around?
GISELA DULKO: Well, we were like in shock. I think a set and 4 1 down, in the changeover, we were like looking each other and saying, C'mon, we play less than an hour. We cannot finish the match playing less than an hour in the final.
I don't know. We just tried to went for it, don't try to wait for them, try to play more aggressive. Because I think till this moment we couldn't find a good way to play, to win the match. So we just keep fighting and trying.
FLAVIA PENNETTA: And she was playing unbelievable three games. From 4 1 was playing unbelievable.

Q. Could you feel the momentum change when you started getting on top?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: Yes, everything was change. For us was a little bit better because when you are down, you don't have nothing to lose, so you just keep going.
But for the other team, was really tough. Because when you have the chance, you have a ball for 5 1, it's almost finished, then you're starting the third set, it's like really tough to come back in the game.
I think in the third set we play really well, really aggressive. We was doing our job, our game all the time. So that's why we're here now.

Q. Azarenka struggled in the third set.
GISELA DULKO: I think maybe she start to be a little bit more, you know, nervous and to miss more balls than in the beginning. I think they play very good in the first set.
Well, I think maybe because she start to go down a little bit, and then Maria maybe as well. But I think most important for us that we keep fighting. In the end we believe we can turn the match, so...
It was good.

Q. Flavia, you're the first Italian to win any Australian Open trophy. Is that special for you?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: I'm happy. Yes, it is. It's always special, you know. It's a Grand Slam. It's something really amazing for me.
Last year we played so well. We won The Championships, so many good tournaments, but we didn't make any final or we didn't win any Grand Slam.
So we start really well to here and I hope to do the same thing in the next one.


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