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28/01/2011 14:50 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

David Ferrer (28 Gennaio)

Andy Murray b. DAVID FERRER 46 76 61 76

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Q. You seemed to be going well early on. What happened in the first tiebreaker?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I think was a match really tough, no? The first set and second set was a lot of rallies. I had my chance in the set point in the second set, but in the important moments he served really well, no?
In the tiebreak, maybe he start better than me. I play little bit short sometimes in the start of the tiebreak. And really was the key the serve, no? Andy in important moments serve better than me. So I can't do nothing more. I fight a lot.
I tried my best game all the time, but Andy's a very, very great player.

Q. You mentioned the serve. What else does he do well?
DAVID FERRER: I don't know exactly, no? I think he serve really good. And me, I did a really good play, no? I played with very consistent all the match. I run a lot. Some points, no, was the key. Some points.

Q. You came back in a spectacular way. What do you think you missed in the fourth?
DAVID FERRER: The last one, we had a really good game, no? Maybe I had my chance in the last games of the fourth set. But he serve good. I cannot to do nothing.
And in the tiebreak, the two times, the tiebreak I start really bad.

Q. This run you've had here, has it proven to you that you can match it with these guys on the big stage time and time?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I don't know. The tennis is fair. Is the ranking, no? I am 7 in the world because I play well before and now, no? You know, Rafael is No. 1 of the world because he is the best. Federer is the 2 because he is the 2 best. Me, I am the 7. Next week 6.

Q. Would you care to speculate on who in the final, Djokovic or Murray?
DAVID FERRER: Well, will be a very difficult match, no? I don't know because Andy and Novak, for me they play very, very consistent all the matches. He won easier matches. And like semifinal is impossible, no, because semifinal always is a tough match.
But I don't know. I don't know exactly. Depends of the start the game, no, the start the first set. I think depends the beginning of the first set.


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