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29/01/2011 14:12 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Na Li (29 Gennaio)

Kim Clijsters b. Na Li 36 63 62

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Q. A great effort, but not quite good enough. How disappointed are you?
NA LI: You mean today's match?

Q. Yes. Are you disappointed afterwards or are you taking positives out of it?
NA LI: I mean, of course, take positives. I think I play great tennis. I mean, she play better than me. After the match, back to the locker room, I make joke, tennis should only play one set (laughter).
Yeah, I mean, I still happy what I do today, yeah. So I proud for myself.

Q. Were you tired in the last set? It was a physical game. Did you get tired and your concentration go a little bit?
NA LI: I mean, I don't know why after I come to the final so many China coaches coaching me on the court. I mean, during the match, many Chinese like of course the fans, they want I can win this match but they coach me how to play tennis on the court.

Q. Is that why you were talking to the umpire in the third set?
NA LI: I mean, they can coach -- not coach. They can talk, but not during the point, you know. Yeah. Maybe they're so exciting, I don't know.

Q. What was the overall experience to be close to being the first Asian to win a major championship? You're the first finalist anyway.
NA LI: Yeah, so exciting I can be the first one. I'm not think about how is that, because always have to someone be the first. Yeah.

Q. You lost eight points in a row at the beginning of the match. Could you talk about how nervous you were.
NA LI: I'm not never nervous.

Q. You're not nervous?
NA LI: Never. Like today, people ask me, Are you nervous? I say, No. I just feel like first match. Why you think about this is final. Just first match, just go play. Yeah.

Q. What did you think after you lost the first two games, no points at all in two games?
NA LI: Okay. Tennis is six games for a set, so I still have chance. Yes, I lose two games, but I didn't give up. So I come back, yeah.

Q. Can you talk about the third set.
NA LI: Third set? I lose the third set (laughter).
Yeah, I mean, what I should say? Nothing to say. I mean, it's over, and also this tournament is over.
So right now I just take total rest, because Chinese New Year's is coming soon. Take time with the family and prepare for the next tournament.

Q. How much do you think the big match experience that Kim has got played a role in the final under pressure and all? Did she benefit from that in the end?
NA LI: She had more experience than me because she played many finals, so...
Hopefully next time if I play final, I do better. Yeah.

Q. Semis last year; finals this year; next year you win?
NA LI: I wish. If I'm not retired (laughter).

Q. What went through your mind when they presented you with the trophy?
NA LI: Little bit big. Yeah, because before I saw the TV, I was thinking maybe like this big (indicating small). But today they give me, it was like this big (indicating large). If I take the trophy, maybe they couldn't see my face.

Q. What about your emotions on receiving the trophy?
NA LI: Actually, I want to take another one. Yeah. I want put my name in there, just one more step. So maybe next time.

Q. Do you feel really close to being able to do it?
NA LI: Yeah, I think, like, of course, I mean, I have good experience for beginning of year. Of course I was happy I could play good tennis right now. So more confident, you know.
So, yeah, now I was feeling more close in Grand Slam.

Q. When you eventually get back to China, what sort of reaction are you expecting?
NA LI: I didn't tell everyone. I just go back, you know. Yeah, because I didn't want like many media, many fans to come in.
Also I just want, you know, 3rd of February is Chinese New Year's, so I want to take totally time with the family. Because always traveling the world you really don't have time with the family, with the friend.
So I just want to take time like for myself, not for the republic.

Q. It was said on court that you were declared a national hero in China today.
NA LI: I guess maybe. I never saw the Internet. I never saw the news. Because, of course, if you do something not hundred percent, everyone say you good or something. If you get some bad message, you kind of sad or angry. So I never saw that.
I'm not sure how big the news right now in China. I think like this (indicating small).

Q. You're more or less the same age as Kim. She has a daughter three years old.
NA LI: So what do you think?

Q. Do you ever think about children?
NA LI: I mean, if I want have children I will retire first because I want to take how you say take care about the family. Also I'm not strong like her. I'm not sure after I have baby I come back to the court. Yeah.

Q. Can you clarify what you said about your husband at the end of the game?
NA LI: Because I was making a lot of joke for him. I say doesn't matter you are fat or skinny, handsome or ugly, I always follow him, always love him.

Q. What was the turning point in the game for you? What changed the game?
NA LI: I mean, she have more experience than me in the Grand Slam. So after she lose the first I was still thinking first set she was playing more safe so I can have a chance.
But after lose the first set, I mean, she changed a little bit, like play more aggressive, so I was feeling little bit like late or something. Yeah.

Q. Is there anything you think you'll take away from this tournament as far as something you need to work on in your game? Anything in particular?
NA LI: I think I am happy how I am playing right now. Yeah, just finishing match, so I'm not thinking what I should do right now. Starting now is my holiday. So I will day three days off. Yeah.

Q. Where to next?
NA LI: Doha, Dubai, yeah. So maybe like after Chinese New Year's, prepare for these two tournaments. Yeah.

Q. Kim's coach once promised to shave his hair if she won a Grand Slam. Was there any promise by your coach or husband if you had won this one?
NA LI: Everything is his. So like prize money, always his. He can do whatever he want.
Yeah, I will take credit card, but is nothing. He was totally control, so... (Laughter).

Q. Do you feel like this is your home Grand Slam? Do you feel more at home in Melbourne than maybe Wimbledon or New York or Paris?
NA LI: I was feeling today I was playing in Belgium because all the fans was applaud for the Kim. Yeah, but still I'm still happy because the China fans was coming. I saw a lot of national flags, so yeah.

Q. Have you always been somebody that is a stand up comedian, as we would say, funny?
NA LI: This is the real one. I'm not fake.

Q. You mean that's your style?
NA LI: Thank you. So keep going.

Q. It's very refreshing. We don't get that very often.
NA LI: Oh, yeah? Maybe because right now they don't have a lot of good China tennis player. If they grew up, they same like me.

Q. A reasonable runner up check. Going shopping? What are you buying?
NA LI: I think right now my body is feel a little bit tired, so I will take totally rest and then to see how is. Because Monday I have to go to American embassy to make the visa. So is tough. Yeah.


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