Coppa Davis interviste, Belgio: "Non l'abbiamo persa noi, l'ha vinta Murray"


Coppa Davis interviste, Belgio: “Non l’abbiamo persa noi, l’ha vinta Murray”

Finale Coppa Davis 2015 interviste, il capitano Van Herck, Ruben Bemelmans, Steve Darcis e David Goffin in inglese dopo la fine della partita




David, can you give your judgments on the match.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I think it was a good match. But Andy was really solid today. I give what I had to do, what I have. Yeah, today I gave everything.
I think after a match like this, I have no regrets. I think after a match like this, and a tie, we can all be proud. Even if we lost the tie today, I think we played an unbelievable season in Davis Cup.
I think Andy and the Great Britains deserves the trophy today.

Johan, the matches were very close, but they went with rankings all the way through. Anything at all you or your team could have done differently to change the results?
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: At the moment I have no regrets at all. I’m still behind all the choices I made. I’m behind the preparation we had.
I think today we lost to a better team. That’s it. If you see Andy today, I think as David said, there was for us nothing more to do. We gave it everything, but he was just a better player. He was great at the big points.


David, you’re nearly 25. You obviously had your best season. What do you learn from a match like today that helps you get to the next step, break into the top 10 next year?
DAVID GOFFIN: It’s always tough to play against top-10 players. But Andy is even in the top two. He’s a great champion.
I think if I want to beat another top 10, I have to improve my game in every part. I have to serve better. I have to be more aggressive and still work on my baseline to stay aggressive.
But I played some good matches against top-10 players this year. The goal next few years will be to keep going like this and try to win against another top 10, yeah.

Do you agree on the fact that Murray was serving much better? He lost only one serve. A lot of aces. Goffin only had 51% on first serve. Should he have tried to play three-quarters of speed on the first serve and not try to make aces, serve more on the forehand of Murray? I don’t think it’s easy. I know is not easy.
CAPTAIN VAN HERCK: Okay. These are things at the end it’s easy to say. Of course, if he had a higher percentage… It’s something we talked about before, the points you say. But to talk about something and then execute something maybe is not always that easy.
But I would like to focus on the things he did well. I think he can take a lot of things home to improve on and to take from this match. That’s what we have to learn.
One of the things is maybe getting his service percentage higher. But it’s easy to make a comment. I think we talked about it on the bench. Okay, it’s something we can improve on, that’s for sure.

DAVID GOFFIN: Like I said before, I think I have to work on my serve. Even if today I only have 51%, I don’t know how many, I didn’t serve very well this weekend. Yeah, I did my best. I still have to improve the serve, yes.

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