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18/01/2011 10:38 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

Kimiko Date-Krumm (18 Gennaio)

Kimiko Date Krumm

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Q. A tough loss to swallow, that one?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yeah, it was very tough match today. I try my best. I was leading 4 1 in the third set, and then she took the medical timeout. Always I have a problem after opponent to get medical timeout. My body, it's getting cold.
After that start a little bit cramp, so difficult to concentrate the ball, focus the ball. Difficult to focus the ball. Couldn't move very well. So I was very disappointed like that.

Q. At 41, you had all the momentum. You must have thought you were nearly there. So it was particularly untimely. KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yes. But always play out to find out how to win. So she took the medical timeout. Is not illegal to get medical timeout, so it's no problem.
But for my age and for my case, it's not easy. So I tried to find out something when I go back to Japan, ask to my physio or doctor how to continue to keep high level. So I will. Next time I don't want to lose like that, yes, anymore.

Q. So no plans to hang up the racquet as yet?

Q. What do you think of the weather conditions?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yeah, because little bit cold, not high temperature, but humid. So sometimes difficult to drink a lot. So I don't know how much I drink. Maybe more than three liter already. But maybe still not enough.
Two years ago I had many, many times happen my body cramp. So I went to the special doctor to talk, and then last year never happen like that. So today's a little bit special case because of the temperature, not high. And then, I don't know, still not enough water or not enough sodium. So I need to talk to my doctor again.

Q. You would prefer warmer conditions, do you think?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Yeah. And then hot, if it's too hot, of course it's happen like that also. But always how much I sweating and how much I took the sodium. So difficult to saying, yeah.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the differences that you feel now on the court at 40 as compared to, say, 20 or 30, both the physical differences but also the mental approach?
KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Of course, physically it's a little bit young people have advantage because always I have problem for the recovery. And today is fast match, so still I had some energy.
But, of course, if I play the three set, long game, and then also getting of course feel normal power, and physically, of course, it's very tough.
But when I was on the court, I don't think about the age. I just try my best. I don't excuse my age. So of course I have more advantage mentally compared to other young player.
But today she's always top 10 player, so of course she also has many experience. So difficult to use the mentally advantage also.
So physically it's more big difference I think, yeah.


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