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26/01/2011 14:20 CEST - AUSTRALIAN OPEN

David Ferrer (26 Gennaio)

DAVID FERRER b. Rafael Nadal 64 62 63

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Q. Given the good form you're in, how disappointing was it that Rafa had a problem?
DAVID FERRER: Well, it was not easy, no? Maybe Rafa he has a physic problem. But I did my game. I played very consistent all the three sets. So I was focused just in my game.

Q. You're undefeated so far this year. What do you attribute that to? Why the good form?
DAVID FERRER: Well, yes, is unbelievable, no? 2011 I won all the matches. I'm very happy for that, no? I'm very happy with my game. I'm with very confidence. So I want to enjoy this moment, no, because is not easy.

Q. Do you feel some sympathy for Rafa because he was injured?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I cannot spoke with him because just gives a hand and I did my work after the match. I don't speak with him.
I know about physic problem, but I don't speak to him.

Q. Rafa said at the end you said something of a joke.
DAVID FERRER: After the match?

Q. Yes.
DAVID FERRER: No, no. In this moment, no.

Q. He said you something funny, actually.

Q. What did you say to him over the net in the end?
DAVID FERRER: No, no, no. He was lost. It's impossible. When one player lost, I don't want to joke, no?

Q. What did you say?
DAVID FERRER: What happened about him, his physic problem. Just this.

Q. The last time you played Andy Murray, which was in the Barclays ATP world finals, it was obviously a very one sided match. Do you think the circumstances will be very different this time?
DAVID FERRER: Well, I think every match is different. But I know about Andy. It will be a difficult match, no, because Andy is a top player.
But I am with confidence. I will try to do my best of me. But I need to play very consistent, very focused all the match, because Andy's a top player.

Q. Sometimes it's very hard to play someone who is injured. Talk about how you maintained your focus. Did you change your plan at all?
DAVID FERRER: No, I didn't change my plan, no. I was just focused in my game because I was playing a good game. So I played the same tactic as like the first game in the end.

Q. When you came on court before he got injured, were you planning on changing your game at all?
DAVID FERRER: No. Always with Rafa I need to play very aggressive, no, because he's a very good player. He defends unbelievable. For to beat him, just I need to play very aggressive and maybe I lucky like today.

Q. How do you think your game matches up against Andy Murray, the way he plays?
DAVID FERRER: Well, Andy's different player like Rafa. But I need to play very, very focused, to receive really good because Andy, he has a very good first serve. It's very important for me return very good in the match.

Q. Do you think he's improved a lot over the last year?
DAVID FERRER: Yes. Andy Murray, Roger and Rafael, they are very improving every year the game of them. For me, these four players, it's the best players in this moments.

Q. Would you say you're playing the best tennis of your career at the moment?
DAVID FERRER: Well, maybe in 2007 I did my best tournament in Shanghai. Now it's a very good moment with my life. But maybe in 2007 it was unbelievable, no, because when I won four matches to top players, it's more difficult.

Q. This will be your second Grand Slam semifinal. It will Murray's fifth. Is that experience important?
DAVID FERRER: No, because I am playing a lot of years to the Grand Slams and to the ATP, no? Of course, he has more experience than me. But now in this moment, I am 28 years. I am playing a lot of matches. I want to enjoy this moment, no?
The next match against Andy, it's another match in my career. Just I need to will fight a lot, like every match of my life.

Q. Do you talk to Andy Murray much off the court?
DAVID FERRER: No, no, no. I spoke with him. I say congratulations for the match, but nothing special. He was focused in the previous match.

Q. You played 84 matches last year, which was the most on tour. Do you ever get tired?
DAVID FERRER: In the last year I played a lot of matches, of course. But it's very important for me, no? My game is very physic. I need to play a lot of matches for my confidence.
Now I am in a good moment of my physic. I am not tired, because I stop two weeks to enjoy my holidays. So I am in perfect condition.

Q. Rafa obviously was trying to win his fourth Grand Slam in a row. Is there part of you that feels very sad or disappointed for him?
DAVID FERRER: No. I think he can to win the next four Grand Slams, no? Rafael is the best three players of the history of tennis. He is a young player. He will can do it.


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