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18/01/2011 16:23 CEST - Interviews

David Nalbandian

b. Lleyton Hewitt 3‑6, 6‑4, 3‑6, 7‑6, 9‑7

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Q. How much of a factor playing Lleyton at home is in your mind when you go onto the court and potentially it could be his last appearance here at the Australian Open?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: You mean before the match?

Q. Yes.
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Before the match I thought the match will be very, very tough, like was. I mean, he didn't play a lot in the last month, and I thought maybe if I play good with good shots, maybe he wasn't on a good move.
I mean, but he play unbelievable. From the beginning was very tough. Very tough first round. And I expect a match like that with the crowd. It's amazing playing with full stadium, with him here in Australia.
But I think we both have a lot of chances. I mean, I was two match points down and then I turnover. I was serving for the match before in the fifth. It was that kind of matches that nobody can forget it.

Q. You played him here five years ago in a similar situation. Did that memory play any part for you tonight as well?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: No, that was quarterfinals, was many years ago. We both are older now with hip surgery. It is not easy to come back. I think we play a very intense tennis today until the end. We was both cramping, very tired. We fight. We both fight until the very end.

Q. Do you have any more energy for the next round?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I hope so. I have a day off tomorrow ‑ or today (smiling). I hope so. Gonna do all the things necessary to try to recover, to be ready.
But these kind of matches give a lot of confidence, as well. So we will see.

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